How a Pandemic Hobby Led to a Web App

When the COVID-19 pandemic kept everyone indoors, many sought solace in new hobbies and projects.

A friend of mine decided to try his hand at leading a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign. He gathered up a few people and set to work virtually creating an intriguing and engaging story.

One game created a scenario we had not faced before. We each had amassed a large amount of different coins and it was time to spend them. Much like smaller coins can be added together to make one dollar, the coins in D&D are similar with gold being the equivalent to…

Creating an algorithm that helps calculate Dungeons & Dragons currency

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found a chance to start new hobbies and explore new interests.

Mine came in the form of a fantasy tabletop role-playing game named Dungeons & Dragons.

A friend mentioned his interest in starting up a game. He had been watching shows on YouTube for quite some time about Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and felt he could adapt it to be played virtually. With that simple suggestion, seven of us eagerly joined to be players and he would be our Dungeon Master.

Once a week, we met on Zoom to raid Goblin hoards or rescue…

5 Different Techniques to Clean Dirty Data

When working with data, there will inevitably be a time where you come across a missing value. Don’t panic! Below you’ll find a guide to show you the different ways you can mediate this issue and scenarios when you would and would not use them.

First, let’s go over what a missing or null value looks like and why it is important to address them.

Missing values can look different in every dataset. Some may have no value or characters, some may have certain characters to show the data is missing, such as empty parenthesis. …

How to Avoid Repeating My Mistakes

Congratulations if you are just beginning your data science journey! It can be a turbulent but rewarding process. There are many that have been where you are now (including myself) and are here to help you succeed.

Below are four pieces of advice from someone that was recently in your shoes. Some are mistakes I made while others are things I found to be extremely important. Let’s check them out!

1. Add a README and .gitignore

If you have just read that and said, “Huh?” then I am glad. That means you have not had the chance to make my first mistake.

You will most likely…

Using data augmentation to create more data for image classification problems

In a world where data is abundant, a time will come when you just don’t have enough.

No need to panic!

Data augmentation can be used for multiple different data types, including text by replacing words and phrases with their synonyms, and numerical data by using techniques like SMOTE(Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique).

If you working on an image classification project and are finding that your results are less than exciting, it may be worthwhile to see if data augmentation can help.

Data augmentation creates more data by taking an image and altering it in some specified way. Not only does…

How to keep your Mac awake during important tasks

Is there anything worse than that awkward moment when your computer goes to sleep in the middle of a presentation?

Well, yes. There are probably a lot of things more awkward than that. Unfortunately, there may not be easy solutions for those situations.

If the above issue does not resonate with you, have you ever had your computer fall asleep while watching a YouTube video? Downloading a file? …

The saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” is generally used to describe someone that is so focused on a small portion or detail that they miss the big picture. That idiom can be useful in many different scenarios, but fits especially perfect when talking about Random Forest and Decision Trees.

It would be impossible to explain Random Forest without discussing Decision Trees.

Have you ever made an error on purpose?

No, this isn’t a trick question.

Recently, I found myself running code that I knew wouldn’t work. I wanted that error code. Because within it contained valuable information:

The list of Seaborn palettes.

Once I had the list, that’s when the fun started. Copy and pasting all the different palettes into my graph! What does this do? What about that one?! How does this look on a scatterplot?

Having an image where the colors increase the visibility of the data is incredibly important.

“Applying color to different parts of your visualization lets…

Sometimes, having two of something is better than one. I’d take two freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies over one any day.

However, just like a mother having to repeat herself, no one likes it. And dealing with data is no different. Having the same item repeat itself more than once is not great.

And thus, the beautiful .duplicated() method was born!

When using pandas to clean and organize data, the .duplicated() method can be utilized to see rows that have repeating items. The .duplicated() …

I walked into the conference room in a hotel and saw a bunch of chairs equally spaced along rows of tables. The room was filled with mostly women. Some were younger, but most were older by ten to twenty years. I was there to learn about new techniques and procedures in dental hygiene, but all I could do was think about my future.

I sat there eating my free, cold pastry and thought about myself as one of those older women. Could I see myself in them? Would I like to be here, doing this, for another ten years? …

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